Friday, August 23, 2013

My Apartment Inspiration

How did I ever get by without Pinterest?

I ask myself this ALL THE TIME.

It is seriously the best resource I have ever found for decor ideas, DIY help, recipes, workout tips, teaching ideas, artmaking ideas, etc....  It has been INVALUABLE in helping me navigate the process of decorating our apartment.  After signing the lease, I quickly made an inspiration board to help me figure out what to do with the space.


If you've never made an inspiration board before, whether on Pinterest or on a good ol' corkboard (like I used to in college), basically, it's just a collection of images that inspire you.  For my "New Apartment Plan" board, I pinned images of home decor that I found beautiful and more importantly, could be achieved.  Our apartment building was built in the early 1900s and it definitely shows.  There is no point in me pinning images decor in modern structures, even if I love it.  A home inspiration board, in my opinion, should always be achievable and should focus on building the best space you can, rather than focusing on something that you can't have.

After pinning lots and lots and lots of images, I realized that I love neutrals, lots of white and beige, gallery style collections of art, and multiple layers of texture.  I love a mix of traditional and modern furniture and prefer repurposed storage rather than newly bough or assembled storage items.  While I'm sure that I would have come to these conclusions along the way as I decorated, flipped through books at Barnes and Noble, and pulled images from magazines, being able to instantly pin and compile a collection of images brought me to the consensus of what I like very quickly.


I wanted to share some of these images that I find most inspiring and beautiful in the hopes that perhaps you do too!

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