Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Find: Vintage Living Room Rug

This week, our living room got a much needed update.  I had been searching for a long time for a large rug (minimum 8 x 10) for our living room.  I had a smaller rug in there originally, but having all the furniture clustered around a small focal point made he room look much, much smaller than it was.  I moved the small rug underneath our dining room table a while ago, and it is a much better place for it.  However, pulling up the rug exposed wires leading to our surround sound speakers and left a a very hard wooden floor for us and the dog to stretch out on.

I have spent a few months searching for a reasonable alternative it he right size, but the thing is, rugs are EXPENSIVE.  Super, duper expensive.  Initially, I was looking at a few short sale websites (One Kings Lane, Joss & Main), but even with the enormous discounts that those sites put out, a large rug was still between $400-$500.  If I'm going to spend that money, I wanted to really love the rug, and I have a hard time falling in love with anything mass produced or done in a really modern way.

This led me to look instead at eBay and Craigslist, hoping something vintage, unique, and most importantly affordable I'm really big on not settling when it comes to important, focal point pieces. I think you should always love them; if I don't love something, I find myself looking around for something to replace it almost within a week. 

I had several searches that I looked at daily for "vintage Persian rug", "antique Persin rug", and "Persian rug".  I wanted something with an intricate pattern, in good shape, but also unique.  I found some absolutely stunning rugs on eBay, but it took me about two months to actually obtain one.  The bidding was pretty intense and there were times when someone outbid me within the last minute and times when prices got too outrageous.  However, I finally found a rug that was the right size and gorgeous and the right colors and was selling for an insanely low $57.  Somehow, the price didn't go up above that (I think due to the presentation of the rug in the photographs) and after two weeks of waiting for the shipment to arrive, I finally have this gorgeous rug in my house and our living room looks SO.  GOOD.

SO GOOD!  Even if the couch is slightly unkempt at the moment... And do you notice my sweet puppy in the corner?  We just had her spayed last week and contrary to what we expected, she loves her cone.... Weird.

I adore all the detail in the pattern, both centrally and along the border.

Wicket the Cone Doggie adores the rug (it is super soft).  I just love how one piece can change everything about a room.  The whole space feels larger and more inviting now.  I love it!

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