Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big Changes Heading Our Way


Obviously, I have neglected this blog for quite some time. As I've blogged about before, my husband has been serving in the US Navy for the past several years. His enlistment is coming to an end this summer and several months ago we decided that it would be in our best interest to move closer to our families in the midwest.

Instead of working on home projects, for the past few months, I have been furiously job hunting and apartment hunting. It has taken up all of my time, but I'm grateful to say that now, I've accepted a job with a national insurance company that has a large office in Kansas City. It is obviously a very different position than the one I'm in now as an art teacher and I hope that as time goes on I can find the words to eloquently and concisely explain why I am making this career change in later post. For now, I will say that while my decision to change careers was made partly because of job availability, things also happened in my school and district this year that led me rethink education- particularly urban education- as the best long term option for me personally. A cross country move seems like an ideal time to try something new and I am very excited to be challenged in different ways and to diversify my skills. And of course, in this (certainly improved, but still not ideal) economy, I am simply grateful to be working.

Now that my job hunting is over and our apartment hunting is nearing the end (we are awaiting final approval on a great apartment in the Kansas City suburbs), I feel like I can commit to posting more regularly. This blog has always and will always be an open look into my life as it is, so that will change the topics slightly. Obviously, pre-move is not the best time to DIY projects. Rather, many of my posts will focus on the transition- packing, cleaning, organizing, and an open look into the process of making a move with the military, as we are doing. I have already spent a great deal of time looking at other military spouse blogs to gain insight into the process, as it is confusing, lengthy, and involves so much more paperwork than a civilian move. At best, I believe my blog can be a resource and there doesn't seem to be much there for people who are leaving the military life. I would love to publish my experience on this blog to give others in our position insight into the process. However, I will likely continue posting Instagramming in the Kitchen posts in addition to all things move-related and would like to add in some posts on wardrobe and beauty, two areas where I am trying to brush up my skills before entering a corporate workplace. Also, once I am settled in our new place, the DIY and decorating posts will return, as there will be a LOT to do! I also look forward to doing posts about places I love in the KC area.

Thank you for reading through all of that! I'm looking forward to sharing this big life change with you all!

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