Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Glittery Heart Door Decor for Valentine's Day

Confession time: I really envy the people out there who have giant front porches to decorate for the holidays. Living in an apartment, the holiday decor options are pretty limited and I long for the day that I can have a wraparound porch to fill up with holiday lights, jack o'lanterns, and seasonal flowers.

However, you still have some options in an apartment and this year, I made a large gold glittery heart for our front door for Valentines Day.  It was so easy and could be done in an afternoon.

First, I started with some scrap cardboard, specifically a leftover package from Christmas presents.  I drew a heart on it with Sharpie (I didn't use a template, but you could if you're more on the perfectionist side).  I then cut it out with scissors.

I used the leftover box scraps as a spray paint area, as our weather has been really gross and snowy lately.  If you're spray painting inside, make sure you protect your work area in some way and obviously, ventilation is crucial.  I sprayed each side of the heart with primer.

Next, I sprayed each side with metallic gold spray paint.  You may have seen the graphic that floats around Pinterest of the best metallic gold spray paint, but if you haven't, it's Rustoleum.  Valspar, Glidden- NO.  Rustoleum Metallic Effects is the absolute best.  I only did one coat of the gold spray paint, as I knew I wanted to cover it with glitter, but if you want a metallic heart or a single color heart, it may be better to do more coats of paint.

Finally, I took a chance on Rustoleum's gold glitter spray paint... mostly because I was really excited to learn that that existed.  It's pretty great, although it's worth noting that it's very similar to glitter hairspray, if any of you ever used that cheer competitions in the late 1990s like I did, in that is flies all over.  You should put newspapers or a tarp down and be ready to have flecks of glitter on your hands, arms, etc.  I only sprayed the front side of the heart to present glitter from getting all over the door (although I'm sure some will be left), but I did three separate coats to really saturate the front of the heart with glitter.

After the last coat of paint dried, I punched a hole in the heart with a basic single hole punch, used some extra ribbon that I had lying around, and threaded that through the hole so that the heart could be hung up.  I hammered a small nail into the top on the interior side of the door.  I looped the ribbon over the nail hung the heart on the outside of the door.

It will only be up for a little bit, as Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but it has been a great brightener each time I've arrived home from work this week.

What are some of the things you do to decorate for holidays?

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