Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bookcase Styling

I love when I pick a project that can actually be accomplished in a few hours.  This rarely happens for me, as I love to do major overhauls on furniture and more often that not overestimate my abilities and available time.  However, when I work on something short term, in this case, styling the bookcases in our bedroom, I always feel so accomplished and pleased with myself.

We have three Target five shelf bookcases in our bedroom.  Two of these were mine from my college apartment and one Jon, my husband, bought when we moved in together last winter.  They're basic and nothing special, but we both have sizable book collections and I obsessively file interesting art education-related article I come across,  so they do serve a very real purpose in our home.  When space is as limited as it is in our little one bedroom apartment, the more I can put up vertically, the better.

Unfortunately, that doesn't always mean that the space is organized.  Last Sunday, I decided to tackle the shelves.  Please see this horrible photo of the disaster that they were if you desire documentation.

Really, they were a total hodge podge.  Nothing cute.  I spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration and realized that a lot of the styled bookcases I like had a few sets of common things.  When I pulled everything we had out, I grouped together books in similar colors and also pulled small bowls from all around our house.  I've collected antique bowls from thrift stores and have some of my own that I made in college and for classroom demonstrations.  Putting these two sets of things together seemed to unify the space well.  I also added in a few little antique decor items and photographs to break up the space.

The final result is so much nicer and more orderly.  It's not as perfectly styled as I would like.  I've seen  some great bookcases with photos and mirrors added on over the shelves, which is something I'm interested in adding on.  For now, though, it is a vast improvement and was something I could put together in just a few hours!

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