Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Goodbye Rainbow Lady!


This is something I have put off for so very long, but it is finally time.  I have had the most wonderful Duncan Phyfe style couch for the past few years.  It is beautiful, classic, and an antique.  It also has all the problems of antique- fabric that is hard to work with, rapidly sinking springs, old, dilapidated cushions... I could go on.  I bought it from a cute hippie couple when I was in college and it was a great Craigslist find. For the past year, I had been thinking about reupholstering and restoring it to its original 1920s glory, but recently decided against it.  My husband and I were running the numbers for what a full restoration would cost, even if we did the labor ourselves, and couldn't rationalize spending that money on something that would always be a precious antique when what we really need is something durable.  We need a couch that can serve as seating for big groups when we entertain, a place for both of us to crash with takeout after long days,and could handle future rowdy family members be they dogs or children.

We finally found a gorgeous daybed at West Elm and spent a while thinking about it, but this weekend we had friends over for Easter brunch and saw our couch cushions sinking dangerously close to the floor when three friends were sitting on it.  That was just the push we needed to put it up for sale on Craigslist (back from whence it came!) and order the new daybed for a rush delivery.  Soon this bit of heaven will be in my living room (in white wood rather than dark brown):

I'm so excited for it to arrive!  It will really tie things together in that room and will be stable, which is the most important thing.  It's also the first big purchase we've made with furniture together, which is exciting as well.  

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