Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boy and Girl Roadtrip to Asheville

Please excuse my rather lengthy absence.  My husband recently returned from a long deployment art sea and I've been completely preoccupied lately and have been spending every possible minute with him to make up for a year long absence.  Shortly after he got home, I took four days off of work and we went to Asheville, NC for a vacation, focused on rebonding and getting reacquainted... and being super affectionate all the time in public and really not caring about the levels of appropriateness.

 Any military spouse will tell you that while you and your spouse may have known each other well at the start of a long separation, by the time you are reunited you have both grown and changed and undoubtedly different and strange to one another.  In the midst of the happiness of homecoming, there is work to be done in your relationship, and I believe that going somewhere totally new and out of your comfort zone is the best way to bond again.  And it is wonderful to bond while going on walking brewery tours....

These are some of the beer barrels at Wicked Weed Brewery, which was our favorite of all the breweries we toured.  They have a mango cumin saison that is a tall cold glass of heaven. 

Asheville was also great for just relaxing in nature.  It's a gorgeous place surrounded by mountains and loads and loads of greenery....

If you're in the southeast region, I would recommend it.   It's an amazing place and a great getaway for couples.

This brings me to a series I would like to add to periodically throughout the course of this blog: the Boy and Girl series, one that focuses on relationships.  What I love most about my home is sharing it with my husband, and I think everyone agrees that what makes a home special and important has far more to do with the relationships within the home rather than anything relating to design and architecture . 

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