Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Handbuilt Ceramics for the Home

When I was in college, I fell in love with ceramics.  It helped that I had a really, really cute professor.  That definitely made it easier to show up at the studio at 8:30 AM three days a week, ready to work for three hours.  These days, on my good days, I get to be the cute ceramics teacher.  Obviously, since I teach my students how to throw and handbuild, I have found a connection to ceramics beyond one college class. 

This year, I challenged myself to become more of a functional potter than an experimental student.  My challenge is to eventually create a full dish set for everyday use.  I have a beautiful set of Japanese china from the 1960s that I found in a thrift store, but I like the idea of having an everyday set of substantial dishes that are a bit more rustic.  Additionally, it follows the philosophy of creating or having my handiwork in nearly every aspect of my home.

Below are some of the ceramic pieces I've created.  I've tried to create everything in soft, neutral glazes that showcase the clay.  I find that there is something so cozy about eating out of a rustic, handbuilt bowl, plate, or mug.  Have you ever thought about how the aesthetics of your dishware affect your eating experience?  What do you prefer?

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